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Projects That Are Suitable For A 20 Yard Dumpster Rental

A 20-yard local dumpster rental usually can hold up to six pickup loads of waste and typically measures 14 feet long x 7 feet wide x 6 feet tall feet. This type of trash dumpster rental can handle a moderately large amount of waste and debris without occupying a lot of space.

Hiring dumpster rental services for this size of storage and disposal is best suited for medium to large residences and commercial facilities without the need for return trips. Here are some estimates you can use to help you get an idea of its capacity. A 20-yard construction dumpster rental can hold up to 20 cubic yards of industrial materials. Translating that to household items and garbage is the equivalent of 110-130 trash bags with an average capacity of 33 gallons each.

Factors to Consider

Before you enlist dumpster rental services for your cleanup project, you may need to consider several crucial factors. These are essential things to consider if you’re looking for affordable dumpster rental units.

  • Amount of Debris: Anticipate the amount of debris you will throw away. If you’re cleaning up a garage or a couple of rooms in your home, then a 20-yard trash dumpster rental will work fine. However, if you’re cleaning out an entire house, including all the furniture, it is better to get a construction dumpster rental that is bigger.
  • Material Type: Some materials, furniture, and equipment tend to occupy more space. Bulky items, including construction debris, could require multiple local dumpster rentals. Further, you should ensure that you have enough room for the materials you’re getting rid of and have enough space on your property without obstructing walkways and other shared spaces.
  • Your Budget: You need to look for an affordable dumpster rental unit if you’re tight on the budget. Ask for quotes from reliable providers who can accommodate your needs and budget.

Suitable Projects for 20 Yard Dumpster Rentals

A roll-off dumpster is particularly well-suited for small-scale construction endeavors due to its compact size, dimensions, and ample capacity. It serves as an excellent solution when a 15-yard dumpster rental proves insufficient for accommodating all the materials you need to dispose of during your cleanup endeavor.

Furthermore, it proves beneficial for re-roofing endeavors, providing a convenient option for those looking to revamp or rectify a damaged roof. These dumpster rental services are also applicable for mid-size home improvement ventures, extensive yard cleanups, and relocation projects. Moreover, if you’re undertaking the task of decluttering your attic, basement, or garage, a dumpster of this size proves highly effective for your needs.

Outlined below are some of the most appropriate cleanup projects suitable for a 20-yard dumpster rental:

1. Home Renovations

Mid-size home renovation projects will work well for a 20-yard dumpster if you remove a moderate amount of materials and debris. However, some construction materials, furniture, and appliances can take up a lot of space, which you should consider. If you’re clearing out three or more rooms, you may need multiple dumpster rentals to accommodate your needs.

2. Estate Cleanups

A 20-yard dumpster may be all you need to clean up a small apartment. Again, consider the number and size of the household items that will be removed from the premises, including the disposal of furniture and appliances, which take up more space.

3. Mid-Size Landscaping Projects

You can use a 20-yard dumpster for mid-size landscaping cleanout. You can use it to get rid of shrubs, plants, rocks, wooden planks, posts, tree branches, and stumps. This dumpster size can also accommodate heavier landscaping material, including concrete and metal structures.

4. Basement and Garage Cleanups

If you’re cleaning a mid-size basement and garage, you can use a 20-yard dumpster for the job. These spaces can contain old equipment, tools, old furniture, boxes, cabinets, containers, and other unwanted materials that have been gathering dust and dirt. It is important to note that you may find items that can be recycled, which means they shouldn’t go into the dumpster but should be reused for other purposes or donated to charity.

5. Retail Store Cleanout

Retail stores contain many items that may be expired or deemed unfit for sale. Ensure that perishable goods and items that can contaminate the environment are well packaged and disposed of according to environmental regulations. The rest of the debris, such as metal, wood, concrete, old furniture, and shelving, can be thrown into the dumpster for regular disposal.

6. Community Events

When people assemble, they can produce a lot of garbage that will need cleaning up after the event has concluded. A 20-yard dumpster will have enough capacity to contain waste from these events, including bottles, food packaging, beverage containers, food packs, and other general trash.

Reliable Dumpster Rental Solutions

For all your dumpster rental needs, you can trust the solutions provided by your Mad Trash team. We can offer the best-suited dumpster rental size to fit your cleanup project. Call 817-676-2536 or fill out our online contact form for a free quote.

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