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Projects That Are Suitable for a 15 Yard Dumpster Rental

A 15-yard dumpster rental is a popular dumpster size for small to medium-sized projects. It can be used to accommodate a few large projects, such as bathroom or kitchen renovations. A 15-yard dumpster rental provides moderate space, which works well for disposing of many household, office, and commercial materials. Estimates show that it can hold 50 to 70 standard 33 gallon trash bags, which gives you an estimate of its capacity. However, it is important to remember that it’s not suited for industrial and large-scale cleanup projects.

At Mad Trash, we provide dumpster rentals that suit your project size. If you need a commercial or residential dumpster rental solution that fits your project and budget, we are the name to trust.

Suitable Projects for 15-Yard Dumpster Rental Services

Here are some of the most suitable midsize cleaning projects for residential, commercial, and construction dumpster rental solutions:

1. Home Renovations

Renovating small to midsize homes can require plenty of storage for the debris and rubbish you will need to take away. You can use one for kitchen or bathroom renovations but only for part of the home, requiring a more significant receptacle. You must account for the materials and debris from drywall, tiles, countertops, and old cabinetry when performing small to mid-scale home renovations.

2. Attic, Basement, and Garage Cleanouts

A 15-yard dumpster size can also work well for a garage or basement cleanup. These spaces can get very cluttered with tools, materials, and debris that people have taken for granted. A construction dumpster rental can accommodate many of the items that people throw away. These items include outdated appliances, old furniture, broken tools, toys, boxes, and other miscellaneous items that people hoard but no longer use.

3. Office Cleanouts

Offices can often accumulate a lot of used documents, papers, office supplies, tools, and electronic equipment. 15-yard dumpster rental services work best for small and medium-sized offices. Expect to clean out many items, including old desks, office chairs, and filing cabinets that may be heavy and difficult to remove. Consider hiring professional help to carry and remove these bulky items.

4. Yard Cleanup

Notably, the dimensions of 15-yard dumpsters can vary. At Mad Trash, our dumpsters measure 14 feet long and 7 feet wide. It’s essential to keep these measurements in mind when embarking on yard cleanups.

Ensure you pay attention to these dimensions as you engage in yard maintenance, particularly when removing different landscaping materials. These materials may encompass large tree branches, aged wooden sections from fences, tree trunks, unused lawnmowers, benches, and other items stored in your yard over time. When combined with a considerable amount of green waste such as grass and shrub clippings, these materials can take up significant space. As a result, you may fill up a rented dumpster sooner than expected.

5. Roofing Projects

When repairing a broken roof, you will need enough space for the roofing and other adjacent materials used for construction. Construction materials like these, such as nails, underlayment, and shingles, can occupy plenty of space and weigh a lot.

6. Small Demolition and Home Additions

Removing or adding a new room to your home will require the removal of old construction materials and debris. It is best to have professionals work on the demolition project if you don’t have the tools and experience handling these materials. You will need enough space to safely store and remove insulation, metal, nails, old wiring, drywall, and wood.

7. Office Downsizing

Sometimes you may need to get rid of old office equipment and furniture if you need to downsize your operations. A 15-yard dumpster can work best if you’re scaling your operations and need to remove a few pieces of furniture and equipment, including boxes, old computers, old office furniture, safes, and other office storage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dumpster Rental

There are several factors you need to consider before you select the 15-yard dumpster with the correct dimensions.

  • Project Size: 15-yard dumpster rentals are only suitable for small and medium cleanups. They can’t fit large-scale storage cleaning, extensive landscaping debris, or similar capacity renovation works.
  • Debris Volume: You should also consider the amount of debris you expect to move. A 15-yard dumpster rental typically fits enough material that a 4 x 6 pickup can carry, give or take a few.
  • Material Type: Some materials could be bulky, like construction debris and old furniture. Consider the space requirements of the materials you’re hauling and plan how to fit them in the dumpster rental.

Reliable Dumpster Rental Solutions

Your Mad Trash team can provide the best-suited dumpster rental solutions to fit your needs. We provide same-day services, making everything convenient for our clients. Call 817-676-2536 or fill out our online contact form for a free quote.

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