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Meet Ashley and Janiel

Ashley Founder of Madtrash


Janiel founder of madtrash


Ashley and Janiel are two empowered young women transforming homes, businesses, and communities with their specialized junk removal services. They work hard every day to beautify Keller and the rest of the DFW metroplex with their wide array of junk removal services. These two bright, strong-minded, and hardworking ladies broke free from societal expectations, and the expectations they set for themselves to found Mad Trash and become a trusted name in the North Texas junk removal industry. Together, they strive for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time. With that mentality, they’ve had the opportunity to service homeowners, business owners, retail shops, general contractors, and even had America’s largest homebuilder calling them for work.


Mad Trash wasn’t always the fierce female-led team it is today. Ashley started the first iteration of the junk removal company with her brother and husband (now-ex)– then named Mad Cleaning. In fact, that’s how the company got its name. Mad is an acronym derived from the initial trio’s names: M for Matt, A for Ashley, and D for Daren. Within a few months, the team parted ways and Ashley enlisted the help of her best friend, Janiel. This was a blessing in disguise because this is when their journey to success really began.

Since the two came together, they’ve loved every moment and have watched the company flourish. It’s been a journey like no other, but that’s not to say there haven’t been obstacles to overcome. When they started, the two had a limited working knowledge of the logistics of junk and trash removal in Texas. They didn’t even know you had to pay to dump at the landfills!
But they taught themselves every step of the way to ensure they could provide customers with the highest quality service possible. They’ve been careful and taken calculated risks along the way that have paid off tenfold. All of their hard work and research exposed them to amazing new experiences and opportunities for growth. Since starting to grow the company, the gals have even been able to expand their fleet and now offer unmatched junk removal services to folks across Northern Fort Worth.

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Mad trash Dumpster rental service

At Mad Trash, we take great pride in our commitment to integrity, adaptability, and efficiency. Our approach isn’t about flashy tactics or aggressive sales pitches. Instead, we entered this industry fueled by a sincere dedication to our community and a genuine desire to assist. Our focus is on continuous improvement, always striving to enhance our services and knowledge to better meet the needs of our customers.

We offer a range of services designed for our clients’ convenience and peace of mind, including same-day cleanout and pick-up, dumpster rentals, and hassle-free contactless payment options.

Compassion, reliability, and exceptional service are the foundations of our business. When you choose us for junk removal, you can trust that your needs are in capable hands. Our clients consistently praise the quality of our workmanship, often surprised by the level of care we provide.

In an industry where men have traditionally dominated, we’ve broken stereotypes through our unwavering dedication, hard work, and commitment to outstanding customer service. Despite initial doubts about our abilities, we continually demonstrate our strength, expertise, and flawless execution in every junk removal task we undertake.


We pride ourselves on working smart, not hard. A lot of times this mindset helps us get the job done faster and safer than our competitors who depend on brute strength. At Mad Trash, we’re dedicated to becoming as efficient as possible and continuing to reinvest in ourselves. Investing in our company allows us to have the best, safest, most user-friendly tools so we can tackle any job that comes our way.


Ashley and Janiel are both passionate about sustainability and helping those who may be struggling in their community. That being said, they are committed to donating and recycling furniture, appliances, and any other reusable items they collect whenever possible.

They are partners with various local charities and drop-off stations to ensure they aren’t wasteful and contribute as little to landfills as possible. That’s not the only way they give back to their community though. Ashley and Janiel are also quick to lend a helping hand and have even been known to leverage their services for charity work.


Our Happy Clients

“EXCELLENT customer service! Janiel hauled x2 dumpsters on a Saturday for us, super quick and efficient service. I work for a water, fire mold remediation company and mad trash was exactly the type of company we were looking for! We will continue to use them and recommend to others”
~ L. Humphrey
“The entire process was upfront and seamless! I ended up texting her later than I expected to get info but she was perfectly fine with the time. The dumpster was delivered the very next day of me booking! There weren’t any hidden fees that weren’t shown online. Pickup was exactly the same. I will definitely use them in the future and refer my friends to them! Thank you!”
~P. Thomson
“Mad Trash is AMAZING! We can’t say enough great things. We’ve hired them now multiple times and will be having them come back to remove old furniture for us. They are so sweet, professional, well priced and communicate everything immaculately with you. I also love that they are just a text message away. 10/10 would recommend.”
~ C. Meredith


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