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Does It Spark Joy? Downsize and Declutter Your Home Before Moving

Tidying up with Marie Kondo debuted in 2019 sparking joy for viewers around the world. Her top tip for decluttering your home? Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy. But what happens if you love all of the stuff in your home but it won’t quite fit in the Uhaul on moving day. Well, as Keller’s premier junk removal experts, we have a few tips for helping you declutter your home. 

It’s replaceable

If you can replace something for $20, and it’s easy to get another one then just get rid of it. If you’re working with finite space in your moving truck, you’re going to have to get rid of some things. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be gone forever! Now, we would never recommend that you sell your PS5 or start sacrificing your treasured family photos. But that tapestry and Ikea floor lamp can probably get loaded into the back of our junk hauling trucks. 


The old days were clunky to say the least. VHS tapes, photo albums, walkmans, radios, paper bills, and more could fill up a room fast. Fortunately, the modern era is sleek and digital so you can go ahead and get rid of some of these things. Get rid of old movies and music first since you can stream all of that stuff now. Of course, it’s fine to keep anything with sentimental value or that isn’t online. You might also want to digitize your family videos. Those old family videos on VHS tapes are nostalgic, but someday they’ll stop working and you may lose those precious memories. Those precious memories also happen to be a huge pain in the butt to move around. 

You can also digitize all of those important bills and records you’ve been saving for years but probably won’t look at again any time soon. Just scan them and load them into Google drive where you can share them with anyone else who needs access or put them on an external hard drive to keep delicate information like your social security number off of the internet. Just don’t forget to shred any confidential documents before you toss them out!

Get rid of duplicates

If you really love something, you probably buy a lot of it. You know, just in case they ever stop selling it or yours gets ruined. Unfortunately, this mindset doesn’t work well when it’s time to pack up and move. Maybe you’re guilty of buying a few too many candles at the Bath & Body Works sale or maybe you decided to stock up on your favorite work shirts and now your closet resembles a small store. Regardless, when moving day rolls around, it might be best to only take what you need. You can sell off all of your backup products to make some of that money back or donate it for a tax write-off and some warm, fuzzy feelings. 

Damaged goods have to go

There’s a general process people follow when upgrading their living spaces. College students move out of their dorms into their first apartment. It’s probably not a great place and they still live with roommates, but it’s an improvement. Next, they upgrade to a luxury apartment and live all by themselves or a significant other. When they’re ready to start a family, they might choose to buy a starter home before moving on to their dream house. 

The key thing to note in this process is that every move is an upgrade and signals a new part of your life. You don’t want to bring subpar things with you as you upgrade your home and your lifestyle, just because you had it before. Declutter your home by getting rid of those threadbare sheets, the bleached towels, and the chipped dishes. Let go of the past, and only bring the things that represent the direction you’re heading in life.

Keller junk removal company– Let us declutter your home!

Once you decide what you’re willing to part with, it’ll be easy to declutter your home. Then, all you have to do is schedule a residential trash pickup with Mad Trash– your Keller junk and trash hauling company. We’re a compassionate junk removal company and we understand it may be difficult to let some things go. That’s why we also offer dumpster rentals so you can work through your memories and possessions at your own pace. Contact us today for more home decluttering tips and information about our junk removal services.

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