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Moving Day: 3 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster When You Relocate

Moving day is around the corner, and your house is filled to the brim with old junk. You’ve already packed away the stuff you want to keep, and you’ve sold everything you don’t. But what about all of the leftover junk? 

Many people think that they can handle taking all of their unwanted materials to the landfill themselves. After all, all you need is a truck bed and some extra time, right? Wrong! Junk hauling can turn out to be a much bigger job than most people realize! 

The good news is that Mad Trash in Denton and Keller has got you covered with 24/7 dumpster rentals, making the whole moving process much more manageable!

Flexible Junk Removal Schedule

Renting a dumpster allows you to focus on cleaning out your space without worrying about making multiple trips to the local landfill. Having a dumpster rental on-site gives you the freedom to dump all your waste, junk, and debris in one fell swoop. This is the perfect way to get rid of the stuff you never use that doesn’t quite fit in the U-Haul or Penske moving truck

Dumpster Rental Extensions

Some moving preparations might take more time than others. When you work with Mad Trash, you can rent a dumpster for seven days and add on as many days as you need if that’s not enough time to finish cleaning your old home. We offer dumpster rental extensions to local homeowners at a bargain price. You can extend your rental period for just $20 a day, giving you the freedom to go through your belongings, reminisce, and make unrushed decisions about what stays and what goes. 

Affordable North Texas Dumpster Rentals

If you’re moving out of the North Texas residence that you’ve called home for many years, it’s likely that you’ll find lots of surprising junk hidden in its nooks and crannies! When faced with the complexities of moving, many people make last-minute decisions to simply get rid of broken furniture and old appliances. 

Our North Texas dumpster rentals allow you to make those last-minute changes without having to plan more tedious trips to the dump. It also saves you time when you don’t have to load and haul away large items like furniture and appliances.

Safe and Simple Home Decluttering Solutions

If you’ve moved before, you know how things tend to end up in piles when they don’t   have a go-to receptacle. On-site dumpsters eliminate any kind of hazardous waste that might otherwise be left sitting around. 

This could include wooden pallets, broken furniture, or malfunctioning appliances. If you’re moving with small children, it can be a huge relief to get hazards off the ground and out of their reach. Even for adults, harmless debris and junk can pile up and create tripping hazards. 

The ability to toss sharp and bulky trash directly into a dumpster creates peace of mind as well as streamlines your project. Spending time sorting through trash takes time away from the tasks at hand and stretches your moving process out. Don’t waste time worrying about dealing with dangerous junk piles or containing different trash heaps! 

Increase Productivity During Home Cleanouts

When you aren’t wasting time deciding what to do with all of the excess junk in your home, you’ll be free to focus on clearing out the area. Mad Trash dumpster rentals come in two sizes: 15 yards and 20 yards. If you know your move-out process will involve many big items, you can plan accordingly and rent a dumpster that will accommodate the size of your project. 

Large items like broken furniture can be difficult to juggle if you’re planning on disposing of them yourself. Without the distractions of needing to decide what to do with all your junk, you can focus solely on the cleaning!

Rent a Dumpster With Mad Trash in Denton, TX

Simply call or text us to schedule your rental. We’ll drop off a dumpster at your location, and pick it up after you’ve filled it with your junk- it’s that easy! Mad Trash is here to help make your move as simple as possible.

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