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Did Your Tenants Leave a Mess? We Perform Complete Cleanouts

Managing multiple locations with dozens of apartments is a challenge in itself. Now imagine performing complete cleanouts on your own. What a nightmare! There are so many tasks that need to be taken care of already, such as collecting dues, maintaining the grounds, answering tenants’ questions and concerns, organizing meetings, etc. The last thing you want to worry about is cleaning out the apartments your tenants left junk in.

Not only does this take away your resources and time, but it elongates the vacancy period, which costs you some profit. The longer it takes to get the apartment cleaned up and on the market, the more money you lose because it’s an asset that isn’t being utilized. Luckily for you, Mad Trash is only a call away. We perform junk removals and complete cleanouts for anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Appliance and Furniture Removals

Disposing of big items like refrigerators or furniture such as dining tables can be a real hassle for anyone. It’s not just about getting rid of them, but doing so in a way that doesn’t harm the environment by releasing harmful chemicals. Plus, it’s better to avoid just dumping them in landfills when there are options to recycle or donate them to charities first.

Instead of stressing about all the details—like safely removing the furniture without causing damage to your place, renting a truck or dumpster, and figuring out where to take everything—you can rely on Mad Trash. We’ve got the tools and know-how to handle junk removal for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of everything, including leaving your space completely clean.

Curbside Pickups

If your tenants left their junk on the curbside before moving out, you can text us an image and we’ll send you an estimate for removing it. Once you approve our service, we will perform same-day curbside pickups. This is a fast, contactless, and convenient way to get rid of your past tenants’ junk.

We Can Help You Rent Your Property Fast

When a property is put on the market, its appearance is very important. We can’t stress how vital the first impression is. A potential tenant will judge the property on the pictures, and if they see it in person, they are expecting a clean space to move into. You can’t market an apartment that is full of junk and old furniture. No one is going to want to rent it. With Mad Trash’s complete cleanouts, we will get rid of anything that you ask us to. From bedframes to stoves, consider it gone when you hire us. And if you want to remodel the apartment and install new appliances, we will haul away the old ones. 

Mad Trash Will Do All the Heavy Lifting

There’s no reason for your homeowner’s association team or property management company to worry about hauling old junk. Our team can perform complete cleanouts or you can rent some of our dumpsters and we’ll pick them up. Let us know how we can assist you, and we’ll help you make the apartments spotless for the new tenants!

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