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Fall Yard and Garden Trimming Waste Removal in Fort Worth, Texas

Fall is here and the autumnal leaves are going to start falling– leaves that you’re going to be responsible for picking up and getting rid of. You’re also going to need to get rid of those festive Halloween pumpkins and squashes you bought to spookify your home. Paired with the clippings from your grass and shrubs, and the remnants of hours worth of weeding, you’re going to have to find a dependable yard waste removal service sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, if you put your yard trimmings out on the curb, the city may end up charging you fines. Getting rid of everything at once can get expensive. If you find yourself accumulating a lot of yard waste when you’re manicuring your lawn, call the waste removal experts at Mad Trash in Fort Worth, Texas. 

The Problem With City Yard Waste Removal

In the fall, local homeowners tend to be dealing with a lot of extra yard debris. The city does have programs to pick up a lot of that stuff, but it can be pricey. They’ll also make you jump through a lot of hoops. 

The city of Fort Worth enforces weight limits, won’t pick up certain materials, and has strict guidelines about how various types of debris should be packaged. Then, you either have to wait around for the city to pick up your yard and garden waste or take it to a drop-off station yourself. This isn’t exactly ideal for those who don’t have trucks readily available. It’s also an undesirable solution for those who don’t want to scratch up their truck or have bugs crawling all over it. Many Fort Worth residents also report that the city won’t even pick up their yard waste!

Some of Fort Worth’s yard trimming pick-up guidelines include:

  • Shrubs and tree trimmings need to be bundled using string or twine
  • Bundles must weigh 40 pounds or less
  • Brush piles can’t have any other materials in them
  • Yard trimmings can’t exceed 10 cubic yards

All of this might work just fine if you don’t have a ton of debris. Unfortunately, if you exceed these guidelines, the city will start upcharging its services. This is not only annoying, but inconvenient. If you just got done with some serious yard work, the last thing you want to do is measure and package all of your debris. Then, if it doesn’t all fit, you’ll have to leave a little by the curb for weeks until it’s all gone.  

Mad Trash Yard and Garden Waste Removal Services

Mad Trash does things a bit differently. We’ll pick up any yard, garden, or holiday waste you have on your schedule. We do most of our green waste, garden, and yard debris cleanups after storms, but we can also help you out if you’re just doing some landscaping or pruning. Some yard waste we frequently remove for the residents of Fort Worth include:

  • Grass
  • Weeds
  • Leaves
  • Prunings
  • Sod
  • Brush
  • Sticks
  • Rocks
  • Wood 
  • Dirt
  • Fencing
  • Tree Stumps
  • Branches
  • Pet Waste

Think Before Your Remove Your Own Yard Waste

Dumping yard waste in Fort Worth can get pretty tricky. If you don’t have a truck, you’ll likely need to rent a trailer to get the job done yourself. Once you do that, you have to figure out where you’re allowed to dump without breaking laws. In Texas, you’re required to dump your waste at an approved solid waste site. If you dump your yard waste near a public highway, sewers, waterways, private property, or public property, you could face hefty fines. 

Fort Worth’s Rules For Yard Waste Removal

Mad Trash is one of the top yard, holiday, and garden waste removal companies serving the cities from Denton to Fort Worth. We’ve built our reputation by doing good work and staying convenient. In fact, we made the whole junk removal process easier from quote to completion. If you need to get rid of some yard debris, just text us a photo and we’ll shoot back a competitively priced quote. Once you agree, just text us and we’ll send out a team to collect your yard waste right off the curb. You don’t even have to be home! You also don’t have to worry about bundling everything up into perfectly weighed packages as you do for the city. Just leave us a pile, and we’ll take care of it!

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