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Out with The Old & In with The New– We Demolish and Remove Furniture, Appliances, and Construction Debris

Winter is upon us and it’s the best time to start renovating your Fort Worth home. General contractors are more affordable at this time of year because it’s their slow season and since Texas generally has moderate winters, the weather shouldn’t impede your progress too much. So here’s your sign to start planning your home renovation!

Now, we know a lot of y’all out there are DIYers so Mad Trash offers trash bin and dumpster rentals so you can throw away all of that debris on your own if you want. Other Fort Worth residents want to save time and money on mistakes by hiring general contractors. 

The good news is that we also work great with general contractors, and we specialize in demolition and construction debris removal. This means that the contractors you hire can use their valuable time to do the work they were hired to do without worrying about the details. 

Today, Mad Trash Fort Worth is going to run through some of the things we generally pick up for clients during home renovations so you can start thinking about whether or not you need a junk removal service. Biased opinion– we think you’ll want one!


If you like to stay current with the latest home decoration trends, you’ll likely be leaving minimalistic appliances behind in 2022. Nature-inspired elements, plenty of storage, and maximum technology are interior designers’ new favorites. If this sounds perfect for your home, hire our Fort Worth junk haulers to remove your old appliances and make room for the new ones. We offer same-day pickup services so you’ll be free of your old stuff just in time for your next-day appliance delivery! 

But just a tip? Pick appliances you genuinely like rather than following home renovation trends or you’ll be back to square one in a couple of years.

Countertops and Backsplash

Just a few years ago, tile countertops were highly popular due to their visual appeal and cost-effectiveness. However, as time has passed, homeowners are facing issues such as cracked tiles and grout accumulation, prompting them to consider countertop renovations.

For a durable and timeless countertop option, quartz is a recommended choice. Its non-porous nature, strength, and aesthetic appeal make it a long-lasting solution.

This presents an opportune moment to also update your backsplash if you’re planning to do so in the near future. If you opt for a new backsplash, inquire about our demolition services to prepare the area for a complete renovation, including same-day debris removal.


You’ve demolished entire walls and painted them, installed new floors and lighting fixtures, and even upgraded little elements like door knobs and handles. After all of that, you might as well update your furniture too so everything looks flawless. But we all know furniture removal is a pain. As if it’s not enough of a hassle maneuvering couches and mattresses through narrow doorways, you also need to get a hold of a pickup truck, and figure out where to take your furniture

The good news is that Mad Trash Fort Worth offers full-house cleanouts and we can get any furniture out of your home for you. From there, we’ll donate what we can to local charities and non-profits before heading over to the landfill. If you’ve already gotten the furniture out of your house and just need help discarding it, that’s great too. Leave it on the curb, text us a picture and your address, we’ll send you a quote, and come pick up your old furniture the same day. 

Fort Worth Junk Hauling, Demolition Services, and Debris Removal

Planning a home renovation in the near future? Give Mad Trash Fort Worth a call. We guarantee that you’ll want us on your team to get great results and a tidy cleanup. Our junk haulers can take away trash, construction debris, appliances, furniture, and more. 

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