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4 Tips for Decluttering Your Closets

Is your closet bursting at the seams? Have you attempted to squeeze in just one more shoebox only to have everything come crashing down? It sounds like it’s time to tackle the clutter in your closets! Let’s face it, dealing with junk is never fun, but sometimes life gets too busy to handle the mess ourselves. But worry not! Mad Trash is here to help.

We specialize in removing junk for both residential and commercial clients. Our team is fully equipped to handle any decluttering job you throw our way. Anything that’s still in good condition will be donated, and the rest will be responsibly disposed of. You just need to point us in the direction of what needs to go, and we’ll take care of the rest. In the meantime, here are four handy tips to get you started on decluttering your closets.

80/20 Rule

You might not want to hear it but you only wear ten to twenty percent of the clothes in your closet. The rest goes unworn and just takes up space. Get rid of the items you haven’t worn in a year. Take them to a local charity or call us, and we’ll haul the unnecessary junk for you. 

Organize Closets in Sections

Organize your closets by items in your home. For example, dedicate one closet to utility items, another to your clothes and shoes, and so on. For each individual closet, make smart use of the space. Install shelves and invest in containers to store items neatly. If you have old appliances in your closets, get rid of them. Place them in piles outside your closet and give Mad Trash a call. We will take this junk off of your hands. 

Take It Step by Step

There’s no need to set hours aside each day for decluttering your closets. Just a half-hour a day will make a huge dent in your closets. Once you have finished decluttering, you hopefully won’t have to do another major de-clutter again. How can you avoid this? Dedicate 15 minutes a week to straightening out your closets.

Start from Scratch

When cleaning out your closets, make sure you take everything out. Starting from scratch gives you a clear view of your space and the items that you own. Sort out the items you need and don’t need. Do you have an old ironing board that hasn’t been used in years? Chuck it out! Do you have sports equipment that’s done nothing but make your closet smell badly? Get rid of it.

What Mad Trash Can Do for You

Mad Trash will accommodate your needs. We offer dumpster rentals, curbside pickups, and complete junk removal services, just let us know how we can help! Send us a picture of the junk you need to be removed, and we’ll pick it up from your curbside. Or, sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting for you. Our dumpster rentals can be rented out for a couple of days, and we’ll pick up the dumpster when you are done. To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call!

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